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Subject Title Download
Applied Electronics(22329) Chapter 1 Download

Chapter 2 Download

Chapter 3 Download

Chapter 4 Download

Chapter 5 Download

Consumer Electronics(22425) Chapter 1 Download

Chapter 2 Download

Chapter 3 Download

Chapter 4 Download

Chapter 5 Download

Electrical Circuits And Networks(22330) Introduction Download

AC Circuit Download

Problem On RLC Parallel Download

RC-Series Download

RL-Series Download

Source Transformation Download

Star To Delta Download

Initial Condiction Download

Maximum Power Transfer Theorem Download

Mesh Analysis Download

Network theorems Download

Nodal Analysis Download

Norton's theorem Download

RC series ac circuit Download

RL in ac circuit Download

RLC series ac circuit Download

superposition theorem Download

Thevinin's Theorem Download

Two port network parameters Download

Electronic Instrumentation And Measurement(22333) EMI Chapter 1 Download

EMI Chapter 2 Download

​Electronic Instrumentation And Measurement(22333)
Chapter 1 Download

Chapter 2 and Chapter 5 Download

Elements Of Electrical Engineering(22215) Chapter 1 Download

Chapter 2 Download

Chapter 3 Download

Chapter 4 Download

Chapter 5 Download

Nonlinear Op-Amp Circuits Download

Bipolar Junction Transistors Download

Oscillators Download

Utilization of Electrical Energy Download

Stepper Motor Download

Multivibrators and the 555 Timer Download

Subject Title Download
MWC Chapter 2 Download

Chapter 3 Download

Chapter 4 Download

Chapter 5 Download

VLSI 17659 EJ6G Introduction to Advanced Digital Design Download

Introdution to CMOS technology Download

Fabrication of CMOS Download

VHDL Introduction Download

VHDL Data Types Download

Introduction to ASIC, FPGA, PLD Download

Concurrent Design Download

MAN 17601 of EJ6G Chapter 1 Download

Chapter 2 Download

Chapter 3 Download

Chapter 4 Download

Chapter 5 Download

Basic Electronics & Mechatronics TRANSISTOR CIRCUITS Download


​Electronic Instruments & Measurements ​ AC DC METERS Download


Behavioural Science Motivation Download

Team Building and Teamwork Download

Advance Microprocessor 32-bit Microprocessor-Intel 80386 Download

32-bit Microprocessor-Intel 80386 Download

Architecture Download

Chapter 2 Download

Interrupt Processing Sequence Download

RISC Architecture Download

Microsystems and introduced in 1995 Download

Advanced Communication System ACS Chapter 1 Download

ACS Chapter 2 Download

ACS Chapter 3 Download

ACS Chapter 4 Download

ACS Chapter 5 Download

Analog Communication ACO Chapter 1 Download

ACO Chapter Download

ACO Chapter 3 Download

ACO Chapter 4 Download

ACO Chapter 5 Download

ACO Chapter 6 Download

Linear Integrated Circuits LIC Chapter 2 Download

LIC Chapter 3 Download

LIC Chapter 4 Download

LIC Chapter 5 Download

Electrical Engineering Introduction Download

Measuring Inst Download

DC Motor 1 Download

Transformer Download

Alternator Download

Special Motors Download

Three Phase Induction Motor Download

Electric Heating and Welding Download

Electrometallurgical & Electro Agro Systems Download

Industrial Applications Download

Electric Wiring & Illumination Download

Very Large Scale Integrated VLSI Download

Presentation 1 Download

VLS Chapter 2 Download

VLS Chapter 3 Download

VLS Chapter 4 Download

VLS Chapter 5 Download

VLS Chapter 6 Download

17627 Download

17659 Download

Basic Electronics Introduction to Passive Circuit Elements Download

BEL Chapter 2 Download

BEL Chapter 3 Download

BEL Chapter 4 Download

BEL Chapter 5 Download

Oscillator Chapter 6 Download

Amplifiers Download

Amplifiers and Oscillators Download

Rectifiers, Filters and Regulator Download

DTE Notes PLD Download

Semiconductor memory Download

1.Introduction to Number system Download

2.Conversion of Decimal to any other Number system Download

3.Conversion From Any Number Based System to decimal Download

4. Binary Arithmetic Download

5.Octal to Hexadecimal Download

6.BCD Addition and subtraction Download

7.CODES Download

combinational logic circuit Download

Encoder and decoder Download

full adder-subtractor Download


Introduction to syllabus DTE Download

multiplexer Download

Non-weighted code Download

Tristate Buffer Download