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Learning material


Subject Title Download
Microprocessor Programming Chapter 1 Download

History of MAP Download

CH_3_MAP Download

Chapter1_intel_8085 Download

Chapter 2 Download

Chapter 3 Download

Chapter 4 Download

CHAPTER 6 Download

CHAPTER 5 Download

MP Chapter 2 Download

8086 Slide Download

8086 Instruction Set Download

Object Oriented Programming Classes (Part 1) Download

Classes (Part 2) Download

Functions Download

Inheritance Download

Introduction to OOP Download

Operator Overloading Download

Polymorphism Download

Object oriented modeling and design OOMD solution Download

17630 Download

Class Modelling Download

Basic behavioral modeling Download

Advanced Behavioral Modeling Download

Architectural Modeling Download

OOM Download

UMl diagram show to studnts Download

Use case relationship Download

Computer Hardware and Maintenance Chapter 1 Buses nis Download

Chapter 1 CPU nis Download

Chapter 1 mb Download

Chapter 2 Storing Interleaving Download

Chapter 3 PDP Introduction Download

Chapter 4 IODEVICES Download

Chapter 4 Keyboard Download

Chapter 4 Modem (Modulate and demodulate) Download

Chapter 5 Powersupply Download

Chapter 6 INTERFACES USB Download

Programming in 'C' Chapter 1 Download

Chapter 2 Download

Chapter 3 Download

Chapter 4 Download

Chapter 5 Download

Software Engineering SE-unit-I Download

SE-unit-II Download

SE-unit-III Download

SE-unit-IV Download

SE-unit-V Download

SE-unit-VI Download

Subject Title Download
Object Oriented Programming C++ Basics Download

Class and Objects Download

Constructors and Destructors Download

Constructors and Destructors Review Download

Inheritance Concept Download

Pointers and Strings Download

Operator Overloading Download

Behavioral Science Group Discussion Download

Soft Skill Download

Subject Title Download
Data Structure Data Structure Introduction Download

Algorithm Download

Chapter 2 Download

Chapter 3 Download

Stack Download

Queue's Download

Chapter 1 Download

Chapter 2 Download

Chapter 3 Download

Chapter 4 Download

Chapter 5 Linked Lis Download

Chapter 6 Graph 15-16 Download

CHAPTER 6 Hashing Download

Tower of Hanoi 5 Download

Subject Title Download
Advanced Java Programming AWT 1 Download

AWT 2 Download

Java Servlets and JSP 1 Download

Java Servlets and JSP 2 Download

JDBC 1 Download

JDBC 2 Download

Networking 1 Download

Networking 2 Download

Swing Basics 1 Download

Swing Basics 2 Download

Subject Title Download
Operating System Introduction to OS(Chapter 1) Download

Operating System Structure(Chapter 2) Download

Operating System Structure(Chapter 2-1) Download

Process management(Chapter 3) Download

Process management(Chapter 3-1) Download

Scheduling(chapter 4) Download

Scheduling(chapter 4-1) Download

Scheduling(chapter 4-2) Download

File System and Memory Management(Chapter 5) Download

File System and Memory Management(Chapter 5-1) Download

Subject Title Download
Data Communication and Network Standards and Protocols Download

Introduction Download

Data and Signals Download

Data Transmission and Networks Download

MultiPlexing Download

Error Detection and Correction Download

Network Topologies Download

Data Link Layer Download

Transmission Media Download

OSI Model Download

OSI Model Download

Networking and Internetworking devices Download

Networking devices Download

Computer Network - Transport Layer Download

Subject Title Download
Mobile Computing Introduction to GSM Download

Introduction to GSM Download

GSM Mobility Databases Download

GSM Location updating procedure Download

Chapter 4 Download

RSA Algorithm Download

Public Key Cryptography Download

Android Introduction Download

MCO chapter 1 Download

MCO chapter 2 New Download

GSM Mobility Databases New Download

MCO chapter 3 Download

GPRS Final Download

3GPP Download

Key Exchange Algorithm Download

RSA New Download

The RSA Algorithm Download

Introduction(1) Download

Subject Title Download
Relational Database Management Database System concepts and data modelling Download

Data base management system Download

RDBMS Download

DBMS Download

RDBMS Download

PL/SQL : Introduction Download

PL/SQL Download

Objectives Download

What is Raid Download


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