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Pimpri Chinchwad Polytechnic, 20th Sept 2017

Take a step backward and think properly that when was the time that you were the most productive and serious about your work. When was the time when your mind was sharpest and was in a position to put 100% efforts? Obviously it was the last minute as it is truly said that nothing makes you more productive than the last minute. Human has some sorts of habits. Some of them are good and some are bad. My bad habit is the procrastination of things. Sometimes it proves very beneficial as my mind is creative at the last moment. But in some cases it proves very harmful. Procrastination means always put off things that need to be done presently. This can be happened on me in various aspects. For example, I always hand in my homework just before the deadline, though I know I need to do that long time ago.

Similar is the case with engineers who are the building blocks of our bright future. Engineers are the backbone of our society and the creatures who would lead us to a more bright future. Engineers who have the unique role of solving social problems through the use of machines, devices, systems, materials and processes are more productive at the last minute. A skilled best diploma engineering college in Pune is the demand of today and he is needed in every aspect.

Without these people our civilization would be as advanced as Stone Age without these people. These quality people have shaped our world. Engineering has a variety of areas to excel in. It provides creative work, the chance to work with a team, and the compensation is far from the average. It is also one of the most important careers in our society. So engineers form the backbone of the society. Since all the people are dependent on engineers so it is very essential for the engineers to be very productive. They do all the essential works but it is true that all their skills and sharpness of mind is at highest peak at the last minute.

This is not procrastination ie they do not procrastinate their work but divide their entire task in sets so that they could complete work in given time. The contribution of Engineers is very important to the quality of life in society and it is mandatory that they articulate their role clearly and firmly. Without Engineers a modernized world, where almost every person depends on Technology would be impossible. Top engineering college in Pune create new innovation stuff just by their different way of thinking from the common man and by their skills, dedication and hard work they create something new or improve the products.

Prof. Anand M. Kamble

Automobile Department

Pimpri Chinchwad Polytechnic, Pune