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1.“Insert Skimming” Burglar used Infrared to steal Data from ATM

Nowadays, hacking of ATM, stealing of money from ATM or stealing credentials from ATM is very common thing. So this is basically called as ATM Skimming . Credit card skimming thieves have upped their game and are using infrared communications to minimize their chances of getting caught.

The number of cyber attacks against ATM involving so-called ‘insert skimmers’ is increasing. Insert Skimmers are wafer-thin fraud devices designed to fit invisibly inside the ATM card slot. Insert Skimmers are able to capture card data and store it on an embedded flash memory. The popular cyber security expert Brian Krebs reported in some cases the use of insert skimmers that are able to transmit stolen card data wirelessly via infrared. The infrared is a short-range communication technology, every day we use it when we change TV program with a television remote control. To acquire basic knowledge about cyber security students can take admission in best polytechnic college in Pune .

A case that has happened a few weeks ago in the Oklahoma City metropolitan area where at least four banks were victims of ATM attacks involving insert skimmers.

The KFOR news channel quoted a local police detective saying “the skimmer contains an antenna which transmits your card information to a tiny camera hidden somewhere outside the ATM.”


“ An insert skimmer retrieved from a compromised cash machine ”


Card data recorded and transmitted by the insert skimmer

In such type of attack, the hidden camera has a dual function

  • To record time-stamped videos of ATM users entering their PINs
  • To receive card data recorded and transmitted by the insert skimmer.

In this scenario, the scammer could leave the insert skimmer embedded in the ATM’s card acceptance slot, and simply swap out the hidden camera whenever its internal battery is expected to be drained.

The insert skimmer also operates on an embedded battery, but according sources the skimmer in question was designed to turn on only when someone uses the cash machine, thereby preserving the battery.

Ms. T.R.Shinde

(IF Department)

(Pimpri Chinchwad Polytechnic)

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