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Journey from ‘Student’ to ‘Placement Student’

College (Best polytechnic college in pune) The word itself carries strength and clarity, yet the outcome is just a piece of paper with a numerical grade, which suggests a level of intelligence to the rest of the world.


This is the outcome for most, this is the outcome that is expected, a scroll of paper that is handed to you at the end of your degree, but why stop there? Is that all there is to take from college?

In today's fast growing world, it is very essential to get placed in some good and well reputed Company. And to get a good Job

Placement is a Noun which can be defined as the action of putting someone or something in a particular place. Or in simple words it is the act of being placed somewhere. The other definition of Placement is finding a Job or Home or School for someone. So the second definition is matched with the Placement's which we are concerned with.

Now-a-days, Companies are visiting various colleges (List Of polytechnic Colleges In Pune) for hiring students. These ON-Campus Placements are very nice opportunity for students to placed. Here, we provides some Info about Placements including some information about On Campus Placements and a little Information about Off Campus Placements. As in On Campus Placements, there is not much tension or stress on you. Colleges (Polytechnic pimpri chinchwad) or Universities handle the most of the work for you. Such as getting you ready for Job Interview, helping you in making your Resume or CV etc. Also, all the organizational work is handled by College's Management so you can simply focus on preparing for your Placements Interview.

But in most of the cases students don't get succeed in On-Campus. Undoubtedly, there are many exceptional cases, where sometimes all students gets selected in On-Campus Placements. Well, it is very nice if this happens for you too, but we have heard most people saying that On-Campus Placements are not much good for getting a Good Job. They describes many reasons for this, such as:

  • Salary is Low in On-Campus Placements.
  • Interview is tough.
  • More Hard Work is Required.

Well, here we shall make you sure that On-Campus Placements can be much easy and beneficial than Off-Campus Placements. Hope this Info will be helpful for you. Following are the reasons that On-Campus Placements are much better than Off-Campus Placements:

  • As in Off-Campus Placements, You have to go to Company's Office for giving Interview, while in On-Campus Placements, Companies come to your own college, at your own place for recruitment.
  • You need to carry more documents when going for Off-Campus Placements while in On-Campus Placements, most of the documents are already provided to Companies from your college() or University.
  • On Campus Placements have more chances of being accepted as compared to Off-Campus Placements. Because in Off-Campus Placements, you automatically get references from higher authorities such as Management of your college

Tips for Success in On-Campus Placements:

These are some tips which will help you in getting succeed in Placements or Interviews. I hope you find this Information useful.

  • Prepare yourself for Aptitude Tests. Start from Simple questions of Physics, Chem, Maths or your preferred Subjects. Most of the questions asked in Aptitude tests or in Placement Interviews are Basic questions.
  • Improve your communication skills.
  • Make a good appearance. As you may heard it many times: First Impression is Last Impression. So make your first impression so fantastic. Even it is time when you may get nervous, but you should try to be cool and give answers to any question normally. Your preparation comes into play in such cases. If you are fully practiced before and prepared then you'll be more confident.
  • Collect information about current Host Topic to Improve your knowledge so that you can say something in G.D.
  • Prepare and read your Resume and think about the questions that an Interviewer can ask from your Resume.
  • Wear Proper Dress.
  • Be Honest and Don't try to be over smart.

There are also some more tips and warnings for students. The important one from all of them is that they should take these On-Campus Placements seriously. It is seen in most of the cases that students don't take interest in on going events such as On-Campus Placements
(top recruitment polytechnic college in pune) and Job Fairs. And undoubtedly, this is the main cause of their failure. It is said so many times by so many personalities of the world, that 'One should play to Win, Not for 'Not to Lose'. So students should be confident and serious about Placement events. If you are very much interested in some company then you should ask them for contact details which may come useful in future

There is also one another tip for Students. It would be more beneficial for Freshers or Junior Students instead of Senior or Last Year Students. The tip is if you really wanted to get placed in some Good and Well Reputable Company then start doing some efforts from the very first day. When you just got admitted into the college or university, you should meet the Placements and Training Department of your College
(best diploma college in pune) or University. You can ask for some help and get information about the criteria of Jobs and Placements in your College or University. If your College or University has a Website or some online portal then you should sign up for their newsletter to get new updates about On-Campus Placements that are taking place in your college.

So that was just some words about On-Campus Placements. If you wanted to know about latest Placement News so you can have knowledge about upcoming Companies near you or your College then you should keep visiting this Blog.

Like every job, there are transferable skills to be attained, but the beauty of a placement is that it gives you the specific skills needed to differentiate yourself from your peers.


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