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What the industry Expects From Fresh Recruits?

Electronics and Telecommunication department of Pimpri Chinchwad Polytechnic, the best polytechnic in Pimpri Chinchwad invited Mr.Pankaj Shah as a guest for delivering a lecture on “What the industry wants”. Mr. Pankaj shah gave some important points to students for getting jobs in Industry and He shared his personal experience from student to become a successful Entrepreneur.

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Students of Pimpri Chinchwad polytechnic (E & Tc dept) attending Guest Lecture

Communication Skills:

An engineer must possess good communication skills if he expects to be hired into a good firm or organasation. All the complicated theories and laws are of no use if the candidate can not communicate his thoughts in proper words.

Knowledge Beyond the Textbooks:

Very often,the firms and organizations look for individuals who can go beyond the books and think brightly. You need to be logical and think intellectually.Restricting yourself to bookish knowledge does not make you a good engineer.The great companies are always seeking wonder brains who come up with such innovative ideas.

Ability to Lead:

While there are many engineering graduates who score well in their papers,there are very few who are true leaders.Most of the engineers today just follow the path shown by great minds of the past.Even during the interview process,you should be able to reveal your true leadership skills by your college examples.Leadership skills are sure to be counted as a plus point in engineering job interviews.

Positive Approach:

The job of an engineer is not easy.It is a path full of many challenges and you need to possess the courage to face these challenges.A positive approach is thus a must in the career of an engineering candidates for survive in the industry.

Updated with latest technology:

The greatest risk of being in the field of technology is that the technology existing now become obsolete some day.You must be prepared to upgrade your skills to match the latest in technology. An engineer is expected to be smart enough to widen his horizon of knowledge as per the latest trends.

Knowledge of Foreign Languages:

Knowledge of foreign language is always an added plus in the Knowledge of foreign is always engineering field. If you know languages, they can help deal with senior level executives in international projects.

Ability to multitask:

While focus is an important aspect in the engineering career,there is something more important than focus in the engineering career.It is the ability to multitask.An engineer may have to shoulder several responsibilities at the same time.If you have to survive in the engineering field, expand your multitasking abilities.

Mrs.Namrata P. Jangale

(E & TC Department)

(Pimpri Chinchwad Polytechnic)