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Mobile Cloud Computing

In today's computing world, different technologies have emerged. These have grown to support the existing computer networks all over the world. Mobile Computing is one of technology that allows transmission of data, voice and video via a computer or any other wireless enabled device without having to be connected to a fixed physical link. With mobile computing, we find that the need to be confined within one physical location has been erased.

With this mobile communication “mobile cloud computing” is emerging technology which is growing day by day. The portability of different mobile & portable devices ensure and enable the users to access all services as if they were in the internal network of their company or college like Pimpri Chinchwad polytechnic, Akurdi, Pune where anyone can use wireless network for information sharing & searching. 

Mobile Cloud Computing (MCC) is a combination of mobile computing, cloud computing and mobile internet. In MCC data processing and storage is transferred from the mobile devices to powerful and centralized computing platform located in clouds. Cloud can be accessed with the help of wireless connections via web browser on the mobile devices.


Mobile cloud computing has many advantages:

  • With Mobile cloud computing sharing information and applications is easy without the need of complex and costly hardware and software because the business computations are conducted on the cloud.
  • Mobile phones features and functionality are now enhanced through new cloud applications.
  • Since the access point to mobile cloud computing is through a browser and not a mobile operating system there is ease of access.
  • To build mobile cloud applications is cheaper for cloud computing vendors because of economies of scale, i.e access to all smartphone devices, one application can be shared and accessed by many smartphone users.
  • Broader reach, since mobile cloud applications can be accessed through a browser, the cloud computing applications can be reached by all mobile users anywhere, anytime. So it has broader reach as long as the mobile has access to the internet.

The goal of mobile cloud computing is to provide rich mobile computing through unified communication between front users (cloud mobile users) and end users (cloud providers) regardless of assorted, wireless environment and in global roaming. Mobile cloud computing aims to empower the mobile user by providing a seamless and rich functionality, regardless of the resource limitations of mobile devices. Although still in its infancy, mobile cloud computing could become the dominant model for mobile applications in the future. To acquire basic knowledge about networking, cloud computing, MCC & other related terms students can take admission in COMPUTER branch of BEST COMPUTER ENGINEERING DIPLOMA COLLEGE,Pune. where different programming & networking related subject are covered by MSBTE Curriculum which helps students to improve their knowledge and provide a good platform for bright future in IT industry.

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