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Estimating & Costing

Estimating is the process of calculating the quantities and costs of various items required for satisfactory completion of the work & the process of Calculating the actual cost of work before its execution is called as ‘Costing’ this concept is taught in best Civil diploma engineering college in pune.


Purposes of estimating:-

  • To know the approximate cost of proposed work.
  • To obtain administrative approval and technical sanction.
  • To know the requirement of tools, plants and equipment.
  • To fix up the completion period.
  • To draw up a construction schedule and programme.
  • To invite tender for execution of work.
  • To keep control over expenditure during construction

Purpose of Costing:-

  • To arrange the finance for proposed work.
  • To know the probable cost of project before the execution.
  • For valuation of existing property
  • To know the cost of various items, well in advance, to be constructed

Types of estimate

  1. Detail estimate
  2. Approximate estimate

Detail estimate: Detailed estimate is an accurate estimate and consists of working out the quantities of each item of work. The dimensions, length, breadth and height of each item are taken out correctly from drawing and quantities of each item are calculate, and abstracting and billing are done. All other expenses required for satisfactory completion of project are added to the above cost to know the total cost of the detailed estimate.

Approximate estimate: To give the client rough idea of probable expenditure in short time without calculating the actual quantities, from the cost of similar structure having similar specification, construction & locality. In case of Government & public bodies, for sanctioning of the expenditure required for the project in the form of Administrative approval. In case of commercial projects to study the cost-benefit ratio. If it is justified the project is carried out. For BOT/PPP Systems approximate estimates plays important role for decision making & for preparation of Feasibility Report of Project

Formats use in Detail Estimate

Standard Format of Measurement Sheet


Standard Format of Abstract Sheet


Standard Format of face Sheet


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