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BOSS Linux (Bharat Operating System Solutions)


Faculty Development Programme on “BOSS Linux” under spoken tutorial was conducted at Pimpri Chichwad Polytechnic ,Nigdi, Pune , which is one of the best Polytechnic College in Pune .

Introduction of BOSS Linux:

BOSS is an Indian GNU/Linux distribution developed by CDAC and is customized to suit Indian's digital environment. It supports most of the Indian languages.

National Resource Centre for Free and Open Source Software (NRCFOSS) at C-DAC Chennai as a part of its objective has been working on localized Indian distribution of GNU/Linux called Bharat Operating Systems Solutions (BOSS) based on Debian. BOSS GNU/Linux is available as Desktop edition, Server edition and as EduBOSS. BOSS Linux is targeted towards Government departments / SME's / schools and the first time user. A second target group is the Linux distro (distribution) developers so that they can develop a new distro based on BOSS Linux.

BOSS Desktop Releases:

  • BOSS1.0 (Tarang) - released in January 2006
  • BOSS 2.0 (Anant) - released in September 2007
  • BOSS 3.0 (Tejas) - released in September 2008
  • BOSS 4.0 (savir) - released in April 2011
  • BOSS 5.0 (anokha) Kernel - 3.2 GNOME 3.4 desktop Libreoffice 4.0 – released in Sep 2013
  • Current Version BOSS 6.0 (anoop) – Kernel 3.16 , 3.14 GNOME desktop , Libreoffice
Features of BOSS Linux:

Following are the features of BOSS Linux:

  • User Friendly Graphical Installer
  • Indian version of OpenOffice – BharateeyaOO
  • 3D Desktop
  • Auto detecting of devices
  • Better usability for digital cameras, printers, scanners, Bluetooth, TV tuner.
  • Auto mounts of all Hard disk partitions
  • Localization support for desktop in 22 Indian languages
  • Smart Common Input Method
  • Migration tool - Bulk document converter
  • Internet tools – Pidgin, Iceweasel, X-chat
  • Multimedia support


  • BOSS Linux customized to School domain.
  • This is aimed towards the education sector and would include popular educational tools.
  • Includes authoring tools, Edutainment, Graphics, Maths, Science, Social
  • bundled with Productive application suite –BharateeyaOO-comprising of word processor, spread sheet, Draw, Database, Presentation.
  • Features enhanced presentation tool, Migration tool, SCIM
  • EduBOSS1.0 -released in June 2010
  • EduBOSS2.0 released in Apr 2011
  • Current development version EduBOSS3.0 with-
    • Kernel 3.2
    • GNOME 3.4
    • Libreoffice3.4




IT Staff taking training on “Boss Linux” at Pimpri Chinchwad Polytechnic,Nigdi,Pune.
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