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Diploma in Automobile Engineering – Turn Your Passion into a Career!

PCP July 31, 2017 , Introduction to Automobile Engineering

It has been said that we should work in order to live and not the other way around but if you are an automobile fanatic then why not consider combining your love for automobiles with a job in the Automobile engineering field? When you decide that you want to combine a passion with a career and make a living in the Automobile industry then a diploma in Automobile Engineering in Pimpri Chichwad Polytechnic is one of the best first steps to take.

Getting started in Automobile Engineering with a Diploma engineering

The first step towards a career in the Automobile engineering world is to complete the basic requirements in your school and secondary education so that you are prepared to handle the classes in the program. These basic requirements will give you the skills in math, science and other topics that will be used as you enter the engineering programs. This diverse group of topics will give the beginning college student the necessary background to be successful in the program. Don’t worry if your secondary institution did not have all of these classes available, there is the option to take these courses in your first year of college education and then enter the Diploma program.

Diploma in Automobile Engineering

Once you have qualified for an Automobile engineering curriculum with the school of your choice there will be a series of basic entry level courses you will be required to complete. These classes include Calculus, Differential Equations, Matrix Algebra, Chemistry, Physics and other basic general studies courses such as English and social sciences that all college Diplomas much take. Once you have completed the basic courses then your Diploma moves into the more specialized courses specific to your Automobile Diploma program. These courses focus on mechanical engineering courses such as Statics, Dynamics, Thermodynamics, Manufacturing Technology, Quality Control and Materials Science and they are geared towards Automobile specific topics. The goal of this Diploma is to give you a leg up in the Automobile engineering field and give the next generation of graduates a head start in the Automobile engineering field with Automobile specific experiences and case studies so that the new hire engineer is already familiar with the field.


A Note on Diploma in Automobile Engineering

Keep in mind there many reasons against getting an Automobile engineering Diploma, as opposed to a mechanical engineering Diploma as your bachelors. Not many Automobile bachelor Diplomas are accredited as of today, and if you want to land a job after school you better make sure that your Diploma is legit! The other reason to go for mechanical over Automobile early on is that mechanical engineering offers a much broader range of engineering principals for you to build on. An Automobile engineering Diploma is very focused on specific elements of design and engineering that are difficult to learn without a strong overall foundation. My recommendation would be to get your bachelors in mechanical engineering and then move on to Automobile engineering masters.

 Extracurricular activities for the Automobile engineering student

Pimpri Chichwad Polytechnic offers a variety of activities that will enhance the educational experience for Automobile engineering students. These activities include programs such as internships where the student spends a portion of their time working for a company in the Automobile industry or there are competitive programs that pit schools against each other in Automobile engineering competitions to design the most efficient, fastest or creative vehicle.

Benefits to following the Automobile engineering educational path


When you decide to follow a career path in the Automobile engineering field you will receive the education and experiences you need to begin your career immediately after diploma. You will have a step up on other job applicants since you will already have a strong basis in the Automobile engineering field and will take less time to come up to speed to be productive in the work environment. No matter what field of Automobile engineering you choose to specialize in you will have numerous job opportunities to choose from and the educational experiences needed to be successful in your field. The Automobile industry continues to grow and be challenged to become more efficient, sustainable and perform better and Automobile engineers will be on the design teams that bring the vehicles to market designed to meet these challenges.

Prof. Amjad Khan

Automobile Department

Pimpri Chinchwad Polytechnic