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Being from technical background I strongly feel that only a theoretical knowledge is not enough. Technical background people must comprise of strong practical knowledge. Polytechnic college provides not only the good practical knowledge but also the great professionalism.

Polytechnic colleges in Pune have different streams such as Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, IT, Automobile, Electronics and telecommunication and Computer Engineering. Students in this college get opportunity to explore their not only educational background but the extracurricular activities. It is necessary that students should get chance to experience every new thing. It is said that, “human learns from his experiences it doesn’t matter the experience is good or bad.” Today in India Automobile industry is making their place stronger. Prime minister’s initiative of “Make in India” is the main reason behind the each progress in automobile section. Very recently Bajaj Unveiled a new bike made from the scrap metal of INS Vikrant. Big companies like Tata Motors, Ashok Leyland, Hero Motocorp., Maruti Suzuki, etc. are also making their mark worldwide.

Mechanical Engineering will remain the core branch of all. It is obvious that before everything we need strong structure, particular method and the process analysis here Mechanical engineer plays an important role. As the mechanical engineering is the root for all it is the toughest branch of all. Mechanical Engineer plays an important role in the industry like Ferroalloy, Power plant etc. So mechanical engineer should comprise of strong practical approach towards each process. As an institute we always look over the progress of student.

As far as today’s concern networking and communication industry has demand of lot of electronics and telecommunication engineer in the market. The world is coming closer and becoming more digital. IT industry is always a boon for engineer in terms of getting job. We have well maintained computer labs.

Pimpri chinchwad polytechnic is best diploma college for computer science. Our experienced faculty provides cutting edge education to their students
PCP-Computer Lab

The reader can bring the revolution in the society is what we believe. We have huge collection of 18188 volumes, 29 International Titles. We also have collection of magazines like Auto Car, Overdrive M Ii, Better Interiors M Ii New, Digit, Indian Jnl of Multimedia Hy Ii, and Electronics for You, Readers Deigest, India Today.

The mission of institute is very clear; our mission is to train students in technology and engineering. We believe that each individual identify themselves as the good person and responsible. It is our institute responsibility to prepare them for successful employment, self-enterprise, higher education with the provision of good teaching and training. Students are future of tomorrow, so it is our responsibility to nurture it now, so that we can proudly say that this in our generation and we are proud of them. As we train students for the further education or employment, we believe that only technical skills never help to survive in the industrial environment it needs more of it. As an institute we always take care of students soft skills. We have best faculty to train our students. We believe that the teacher give shape to the future of students. So if you want to pursue further education then it is right place to take your first step.

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