The Importance of Soft Skills Development in Polytechnic students

A generation ago, classic picture of working engineer would have been like a person planning or tinkering with his tools all by himself.  At that time engineering was typically examined as isolated degree learnt to fulfill all or only technical skills. The scope of engineering has widened, due to the progress and improvement in technology and communication. Modern Engineering often works under traditional engineering system. MNC in engineering domain have abrupt change, and as a result this has made cross-culture association an essential part of day to day work. Modern engineering is a specialist that is dedicated to the design, development and improvement of various concepts of engineering and technology. Modern engineering technology deals with practical knowledge rather than theoretical one. In such an environment, today’s Engineer undoubtedly needs soft-skills (to handle interpersonal relationships) apart from his core expertise (technical skills) for survival at work.

In academic and career world, having a strong background in “hard” skills will be helpful but the number of employers will only improve along with “soft” skills. Soft skills include the ability to adapt to changing circumstances and the willingness to learn through experience, and are applicable across multiple disciplines and careers. It is important for students of polytechnic college to develop soft skills as they prepare themselves for college and enter the work arena. According to research, 9 out of 10 employers believe that Soft-skills will become increasingly important as globalization speeds.

Soft Skill Development in Polytechnic Colleges
                                                                          Soft Skill Development

Let us drill down on each of the 4 essential soft-skills required for an engineer:

  1. Communication Skills

Communication ultimately means “Good Listening”. If you attentively listen to others, you can show that you really care about others. . Listening allows your mind to clearly understand the need of another person, so that you can follow-up with appropriate action.

Having a good communication skill makes one deliver ideas clearly, effectively and with confidence which helps to communicate with various individuals from different cultural backgrounds. As a result you can follow-up with appropriate action.

  1. Self Confidence

Believing in yourself and all your personal skills can help you work with people better. To do a difficult or a new task and generally achieve all the things, you need to be a master of soft skills. It means self-assurance, self- belief in one’s personal judgment, ability, power, etc. Confidence makes your mind creative. The more confident you become, the clearer you think and the easier you conceive ideas. As a result you can follow-up with appropriate action. That automatically reflects in the clarity of your communication and finesse of your work

  1. Collaboration

It is imperative for best polytechnic college bound students to function efficiently and appropriately in groups, collaborate on projects and accept constructive criticism when working with others. People who prefer working alone likely struggles in college and beyond,  as the majority of careers require collaboration.

  1. Leadership Skills

While it is important to be able to function in a group, it is also important to demonstrate leadership skills when necessary. Both in college and within the workforce, the ability to assume the lead when the situation calls for it is a necessity for anyone who hopes to draw upon their knowledge and “hard” skills in a position of influence.

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