How a Diploma in Engineering can acquire you a degree?

Is it accurate to say that, you are one of those students who was a Science applicant, however couldn’t pick up admission to a decent college? Or, then again would you say you are the kind who aced Math and Science, yet missed out on overall percentage on account of nearly lower grades in different subjects like languages and Social Studies?

For such students, who have made up their minds to take Science stream of education and further keen on taking up engineering, a diploma course is the initial move towards it. A large portion of the state technical boards offer a diploma courses in engineering; diploma courses in design and pharmacy are well known as well.

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What a diploma course in engineering involves

A diploma course in engineering includes:

  • The learning of essential engineering ideas.
  • It offers all the fundamental specializations, for example, electrical engineering, computer engineering, Automobile engineering, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, electronics engineering, and IT engineering, much the same as a degree course does. Students can then pick the course that interests them.
  • It is an expert course, planned with the goal that students can take up a job in the various engineering fields once they acquire their diplomas.

Various students select themselves in a diploma engineering course simply because it permits them an exchange to the second year Bachelor of Engineering degree course, which is the reason it is additionally referred to as the ‘secondary passage to degree engineering’.

Essentially, an exchange like that means:

  • The students might not need to take Class XI and Class XII exams. Rather than a ‘2 years (junior college) + 4 years (degree engineering) = 6 years’ approach, a similar qualification is accomplished in a similar measure of time with a ‘3 years (diploma engineering course) + 3 years (direct second year of engineering, 3 year degree engineering course) = 6 years’ approach.
  • The student additionally by-passes the need to pass engineering entrance tests like the Common Entrance Test (CET).

How the diploma to-degree course exchange happens

A specific percentage (10 percent) of the aggregate seats in the second year of the Bachelor of Engineering course are reserved for diploma students, depending on the sort of diploma course they have decided on.

Endless completion of the third year of a diploma course, a merit list of all understudies looking for admission to the second year of the degree course is prepared (based upon their performance in the third year diploma examinations).Then a centralized system of admission happens, wherein relying on your rank on the merit list, you are permitted to pick which degree college you might want to go to.

At the end of the day, the topper person in the list gets first preference to pick where he/she needs to pursue an engineering degree. The lower your rank on the merit list, the less likely it is that you will get access to your preferred college- you will be left with extremely limited choices if you don’t do well in your diploma exams.

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Depending on the pattern of the engineering exams and the quantity of times they are conducted in an academic year, diploma engineering courses are of two sorts:

Yearly pattern: In a diploma course taking after this pattern, the engineering board exams are conducted just once a year. This is a three year course and students of such courses get an eight percent reservation in the second year of a degree course (a degree course with a limit of 100 students, for example, needs to reserve eight seats for these diploma students).

Semester pattern: In the diploma course following this pattern, the board exams are conducted twice every year. It is a four year course – three years of study, and one year of industrial training. Students from this course get a reservation of two percent in the second year of a degree course (a degree course with a limit of 100 students, for example, needs to reserve two seats for these diploma students).

An engineering diploma course can likewise be isolated into two types, depending on the basic qualification required:

  • Post SSC diploma course: Here, students with essential SSC qualification are acknowledged into the course.
  • Post HSC diploma course: Here, the base qualification for entrance is a HSC passing certificate.

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