Children who complete school education are very anxious about higher education. They are happy to join a new college; at the same time, they are a bit apprehensive. There is a vast difference between the atmosphere in a school and college. The innocent ones think that college life is difficult, that the syllabus is vast, subjects are new and one has to devote a lot of time to studies leaving no scope for enjoyment. Laboring under this false notion, they apply themselves to studies so religiously that they end up feeling dull, tired, and fatigued. They give up all kinds of entertaining activities, feel guilty if they miss lectures, and blame themselves for poor performance and experience frustration. What they fail to understand is that college does not mark the end of fun in life. If they learn to manage time, they will find time and place for everything.

Managing time

  • Regular attendance in classes takes up half the day.
  • Early morning is a good time for exercise which is a must for healthy life. An hour’s exercise daily is sufficient.
  • Studying for an hour before college can be managed, but it depends upon the timings.
  • If morning study is not possible, a couple of hours in the afternoon must be spent on studies. Students can use the library or reading/study room for the purpose.
  • Evenings are the best time to spend with friends, followed by watching TV for some time before dinner. Every evening can be spent in a different way: taking a walk, going out for a movie or concert, visiting relatives, playing some indoor game etc. A variety of acts are refreshing.
  • A couple of hour’s serious study, making notes, revising etc. after dinner end up the day.

Hence, well-managed time offers scope for everything.

Now you may think that a college is meant for study and not a suitable place for fun and joy. This is another misleading notion that brings dullness in college life. College provides conducive atmosphere and appropriate place for various activities.

The right place


  • College has a sports department and facilities for outdoor and indoor games.
  • Every college promotes extra-curricular activities like drama, music, competitions, conferences, workshops etc.
  • The college canteen is a social hub where you can make and meet friends, plan trips and picnics and have a lot of fun over your favourite dishes.
  • A college hostel teaches you to live an independent life, to do things yourself, to help others who are in trouble, to share things etc. you become a responsible person. These values add value to your personality.
  • You get to know students from different parts of the country or world, their ways of living etc. you begin to understand them better, enabling you to cross cultural barriers.
  • Mixing with many friends also helps to improve your communication skills and gain confidence.

Thus, you will observe that college life is not restricted to study. It is not a compromise with anything that you love to do. You can continue to pursue your interests as long as you don’t have to compromise with studies.

P.C. Polytechnic College is an ideal college that provides all kinds of facilities for co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. We encourage students to participate in games and competitions. You will never feel dull in the eventful campus; on the contrary, you will always remain active and enthusiastic. Because, at P. C. Polytechnic, we believe that in college, there is time and place for everything!!!

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